Catch The Fever


  • Catch The Fever is a North Carolina based outdoor brand focused on the fishing industry
  • The offer rods tailored to the catfish and striper bass industries, along with a fishing line called Slime Line


  • Kaleb Page, the CEO, originally reached out to us to produce a video to demonstrate the quality of the rods, but more importantly, tell a story of what the brand stands for
  • As time went on, Catch The Fever was in need of a full marketing strategy and we were happy to help


  • First and foremost, we wanted to produce engaging videos for Catch The Fever that told the story of the brand and got people excited to use their products.
  • Since 2017, we have produced many different videos for the brand that continue to build a wider and more passionate fan base
  • We market these videos to new audiences through Facebook advertising to generate revenue and provide a positive ROI on their investment
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The Videos

Here are a few of our favorite videos we have produced since working with Catch The Fever.

Facebook Ad Results

Here are a few of our highest performing ads we are continuing to run with Catch The Fever

The Human Deadlift Challenge

  • Over $39,000 in revenue generated
  • Over 107k video views

Testimonial Retargeting Videos

  • Ad retargets anyone who has added a product to their cart but not gone through with their purchase
  • Over $25,000 in revenue generated

Which Rod?

We produced this video to guide customers through their purchasing journey and build trust. It retargets anyone how has abandoned their cart.

  • Over $33,000 in revenue generated
  • Over 107k video views

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